Summer Mission give 5000 portions of Scripture


Beach Missions give God’s Word to Aussie holiday makers

It’s difficult to start a God-conversation with a stranger, but with a few creative Bible resources and a relaxed environment, hearts start to open.

This year, 50 Scripture Union mission teams set up tents in beachside caravan parks, offering fun activities and a spiritual connection for thousands of holiday makers.  Dan Hardie went to visit the Crookhaven Heads team to see how SGM Lifewords booklets helped them connect people to God.

Holiday FunWhen I arrived at the Caravan Park, there was only one place to go – the big marquee. I asked for Pete Reeve who leads the team of 50 volunteers for these two Summer weeks. The team had just finished their morning devotion and were scattering to their various activities for the day. There was a buzz in the air, and as I waited for Pete, I asked a local camper how the mission had impacted on her stay.

Our family comes here every year and we love the ‘churchy’s’. They run a good program for our kids and we’ve been along to a few of the night activities. We’re not religious but these people are kind & have fun. So it’s good for us.”

When Pete came out, he was instantly keen to introduce me to some of his team members who had been using our booklet material. Rachel was in charge of the “Chill Out” tent, where teens would come and, well, chill.

Rachel sharing God's word

Rachel sharing God’s word

    “One of the things I love about coming on mission is talking with people about His Word. I’ve given dozens of Little Book of Help to teens. One girl in particular kept coming back keen to know more.”  Marie had given Suppose to a girl who had walked away from faith in her early twenties because she assumed God hated her for teenage sins. Suppose gave a message of acceptance and grace – a great gift.

Pete told me that the booklets were a great way to introduce people to God’s Word in a way that was less confronting than a full-on bible. About 60 Campers at Crookhaven Heads received God’s Word, with over 5000 booklets given across NSW this Summer.

Thank you for giving to SGM Lifewords, so we can give to others.

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