30,000 Muslims need a church

Bumi Village, Tangerang

In a village of over 30,000 Muslims, not one Christian church exists – until now.

At the Moriah Theological Seminary, over 160 young students are training to be missionaries and Church planters. In their 3rd year of study, they are trained with SGM Lifewords‘ evangelism tool, The Visible Story. Then, they are sent for a year of practical ministry in a local church or rural village. It was during this year when Nucris was changed from a shy college student, to a passionate, church-planting evangelist…

Nucris was born in a very poor village of Kupang, Timor. His parents passed away when he was very young and as a teenager, he struggled with his health and nutrition leading to a stroke. Doctors say he should have died. In desperation, he turned to the church to help him. His local church suggested that he might try Bible College as his education was quite good despite his health difficulties. He applied at 3 different Bible Colleges, but each time he was turned away. Finally, Moriah invited him to join them and he was overjoyed.The Visible Story - Nucris

As Nucris approached his practical year of ministry, he was nervous and worried about how to preach and do the practical parts of ministry. He had little confidence and didn’t know how he would talk to non-Christians. Only a few days before leaving the college campus, Nucris attended The Visible Story (TVS) training.

“It was like God answered my prayers. TVS gave me some practical tools and helped me learn to tell parables and stories with others. I grew in confidence and it was especially helpful the first time I shared with a group in the village. It is so great for us!”

Students sharing The Visible Story

With three of his fellow students, they found a place to live and started ministering in a village community where there was no church and only two other known Christians. With mid-week education classes for kids, a sports afternoon for teens and a start-up worship service, they began to reach and connect with locals. Now over 60 children attend the children’s church and many parents are starting to connect with God’s Word through the ministry of Moriah and it’s students. And Nucris is a new man, gaining physical strength everyday and powering on as a spiritual warrior.

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