19yr old Muslim girl receives freedom in Christ!

Pavement project is working in India

A great testimony was received from Serah, our PP coordinator in Asia. It was written by one of our Pavement Project workers trained in 2010. It read:

“Good news! The 19 years old Muslim girl I have been counseling for the past few weeks has received Jesus. I first spoke to her 2 days before Christmas. That was the first time I met her. She spoke to me for almost an hour and end of it I asked her whether I could pray for her to Jesus. She cried a lot while I prayed for her. She told me when I met her later that something happened withing her when I prayed with her. But it was a big spiritual warfare for me. I was extremely drained out for almost 2-3 days.

She asked me for a Bible after that and she was given a Bible.

Yesterday I used the green bag with her and I was in tears when I heard  her pray.
She asked Jesus to come into her life and guide her into her future. She was just praising Jesus for who is to her. Even I was surprised the way she was praising Jesus, calling him ‘Great’, and a’Friend’ to her etc. She picked up the ‘light’ Pocket card and told that “I’ve received a new light, after I started praying to Jesus”.

I have used the bag just once with her. I usually interact with them at least 2-3 times before I use the green bag. She still needs prayer. There are few things that she still needs to break free. But she said she’s able to think differently now.”

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Have you had a similar experience?